You can find bank account details on the download page. Just did some indoor tests Doug Anderson Shoestring Astronomy http: One user has also added a 3m privacy filter. I am developing astronomical cameras. Alice Springs has had more than its share of rain this past 6 months. Lg Flatron Lb Driver.

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Clear skies, Ivo May the weather be with you! Use the SkyWatcher driver listed below. I have downloaded your 4. BTW anyone tried to contact the driver author?

He must be joking I was telling myself Error generated due to mismatch in variable type for Soft Error and Reset Mount options. Lucky you being 10 hours from Greenwich, our 9. You do ephinx have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. You ascpm find this by pressing the Menu button on the Star Book then scrolling? Unread post Fri Feb 24, This site was designed with the.

So far we are quite pleased with the scope, have only been able to set it up a few times because of our inclement weather. WordPress Asfom needs javascript to work, but your browser has javascript disabled.

You can try changing that while guiding but there was no obvious way to do this programatically.


They must be wired per this document: Assuming Sphinx is available, before clicking OK, click the Properties button to display the Setup dialogue for the Sphinx driver itself. For other peoples with this telescope mount and star book, It works great to connect the Vixen Sphinx star book to a wifi extender and use StarSafari 5 plus on iPad or Mac. If this works as expected then the Sphinx driver is properly configured.

Cannot connect Vixen SXD to SGP Pro – Equipment Compatibility – Main Sequence Software

Im trying to download the driver, but it is no longer available, could you please e-mail me the driver? The update I have been very slowly progressing is mostly to ensure the driver remains compliant with ascon latest version of ASCOM and will also fix some bugs which require more investigation and testing re the best solution.

Hi Ascm, Thanks for the great job. This is mostly useful if you lose connectivity and want to reconnect but allow the mount to continue tracking.

Shoestring Astronomy Support

If you decide to solve this yourself, you should use neutral density film rather than red tinted film as coloured film will greatly reduce the readability of the colour display. Initialise Star Book state for consistent behaviour. Jun 28th, by Peter Enzerink. This version corrects the installer so it can sphinnx installed on Platform 5 and 6 and later. Also the autoguider only seems to work on the y-axis. Call up Fomalhaut and we get Archenar and vice versa, last night we were pretty happy with the alignment found the Pinwheel galaxy without much trouble but Andromeda proved too elusive, the R.


I read somewhere the author of the driver don’t want to put time in it anymore. Oracle Jdbc Driver Bug List.

The guiding is in part based on the current zoom level of your Star Book. Rework code for network connection to not rely on setup dialog. Is your driver compatible with the Startbook-S?

The current driver works well for most people.

ASCOM Star Book Driver

Thanx for reading and a happy and Clear New Year. I pressed OK at the bottom of the screen and I was connected!

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