I used the located VI located here https: Message 5 of From the client application page, users can view all major power electrical parameters, such as voltage, current, frequency, power factor, and power angle. The UPS responds to this signal only after a delay and during a power utility failure when the UPS is operating on battery. Not the FAQ you were looking for?

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This MIB file is device dependent.

Using LabVIEW to Create a UPS Power Monitoring and Environment Health Monitoring System

I’m willing to do the work, I’m just not sure what it is. Justin Thomas – Captronic Systems Pvt.

From the client application page, users can view all major power electrical parameters, such as voltage, current, frequency, power factor, and power angle. Designing a reliable, flexible remote monitoring system to acquire uninterruptible power supply UPS electrical power and environment health monitoring data. A google search for the OID string. The library has everything you need to interact with the UPS.

We are trying to labvuew the get features now to retrive status information from the same device.

We designed a precise, reliable data acquisition system using National Instruments products. I’ve tried a couple of approaches to controlling it, and SNMP is the most promising so far. A momentary low turns off the UPS and its load. Himanshu Goyal – Captronic Systems Pvt.


Its in my dropbox here: Message 8 of They also can see the leading and lagging between phases using the polar plot diagram. Power providers and users concerned about reliability are increasingly focused on power quality and protection, and power station health. These systems cannot monitor and control a UPS power station, as there is insufficient data for analyzing power station parameters, labvlew, and environment health monitoring.

Any ideas what might be causing this? Is a negative number valid? Have you verified you are using the correct read community name? Could you send me the Get one VI?

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Himanshu Goyal Captronic Systems Pvt. We also can remotely control and monitor security devices and sensors, such as humidity and temperature sensors; door open and close contactors; wet floor sensors; smoke sensors; hydrogen cylinder status sensors; and surveillance IP cameras.

Learn more about our pus policy. Does that particular value mean anything?


Solved: SNMP help please? – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Thanks Phillip, I’ll give that a shot. The client is assured that the UPS power station monitoring is being professionally managed from a single location with a dedicated real-time data acquisition and monitoring system.

I don’t have a lot of time to look at it, but I compared the wireshark captures and it looks like the problem is in the OID. Here is a screen shot from my MIB Browser showing the expected llabview.

Its in my dropbox here:. You will need to understand the product’s MIB to understand the specifics of the traps.

Could you tell me how you analyzed the packets from Wireshark and determined it was the OID, or point me to some labgiew I have been using this same library to comunicate with some other APC product but only using the set features to control the device.

Currently running LV 8.