Benchmarking Software and Discussion Overclock. Bulldozer may not compete with the SB i5 and i7 but it will give software developers specially Microsoft the idea to utilize those monstrous 8 core chip for a better performing computer. It better still be relevant! It’s as fast and responsive as it needs to be, but a current Dell laptop in the same class as a D was in ’08 has a CPU three times as fast. Post a Comment Comment. Options Quote message in reply?

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The only other redeaming ansver could be that production techniques for bulldozer wafers must be dirt cheap and fast paced. We’ll go into greater detail later on in this piece, but the building block in AMD’s latest architecture is the Bulldozer module.

It certainly doesn’t suck outright though for the price and i’d say it’s a decent starter system to get into PC gaming. Honestly, we have CPU’s now that are so powerful that it’s ridiculous.

pkledriver That shouldn’t have taken more than 1. When I saw just how pathetic the did in these benchmarks I couldn’t believe it. AMD originally told us Bulldozer was a 2B transistor chip. Having only 2 games on there seems lazy to me. AMD realise the real sustainable money is in servers. A great solution would be to have mouse-over change the ordering piledirver everyone can pick whats best for them.


Original articles are always better than a reddit textpost. It’s pure genius really if you stop and look at the big picture. Thuvan articles sourced from other websites are not allowed. AMD implemented this to address the mishandling of threads by Windows Vistawhich can cause single-threaded applications to run on a core that idles at half its clock rate.

Some Interlagos core processors where mentioned to be around 85w on 1. Based on this review, it’s hard to justify upgrading from my Phenom II especially when my PC is used mostly for gaming.

Want to add to the discussion? Some top-level AM3 processors x W, x and x require a special power-supply feature, often called “dual power-plane”. My i is clocked at 3.

Phenom II beats FX Vishera core for core? – – An Overclocking Community

I had an opportunity to play around with a build I was doing for a friend. The standard processors allow for overclocking, however not to the point that a Black edition CPU will.

If it has supplemental power, the card can clock thubqn far. All these similarities make it easy to compare TDPs and clock speeds between the new parts and the old:.

AMD sockets and chipsets. Now, they wont downclock. We used the T results from a previous article Llano I think and didn’t have time to get in the T to run the full allotment of tests before publication.


Views Read Edit View history. The 6 and 4 core versions simply feature cores disabled on the die. Not everyone is running p monitors yet. But really, if software wasn’t ready for a propper Bulldozer computing scenarios, they could just have made an advanced 8-core thuban, that was based on Llano cores just with the additional L3 cache and already enlarged 1MB L1 cache per core.

AMD FX-8150 Processor Review – Can Bulldozer Unearth an AMD Victory?

I would imagine a large chunk of the transistor difference is from the difference in L2 cache sizes. On a non-black edition CPU, the multiplier is allowed to only be lowered. Log in Don’t have an account?

True, many people couldn’t care less, and many application that could benefit – haven’t been rewritten to take advantage of these new instructions. Sometimes I just get excited about my little Phenom that piledeiver and does. Sadly I see a i in my future.