Input, output, and value object types in the system may be logged. Dampers used for two-position or open-close control shall be parallel blade type arranged for normally open or closed operation as required. Wizard shall walk user through steps necessary for alarm generation. Alarm log shall be provided for alarm viewing. Data displays shall be navigated using pushbuttons on the displays that are simply clicked on with the mouse to select a new display.

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The actuator mounting arrangement and spring return feature shall permit normally open or normally closed positions of the damper as required. Primary valves shall be sized not to exceed 5 – 15psi differential pressure.

System shall include 10 separate and distinct access levels for assignment to users.

Temperature sensors to be solid-state electronic, interchangeable with housing appropriate for application.

User shall be asked to log on once the client makes connection to the AWS. System server shall be capable of periodically gathering energy log data stored in the field equipment and archive the information.

Controller shall have sufficient memory to ensure high performance ysb data reliability. The same tool shall be used for controllers. Alarm Manager shall provide a user customizable navigation link from the Alarm message to the data display or template to the equipment associated with the alarm.

Binary outputs shall have LED indication of status.

Command Line Access

Provide off-site computer that allows operator to view and change information associated with system on color graphic displays. Location of conduits in temperatures dropping below dew point shall be avoided to prevent water from condensing in conduit and running into actuator. Meters monitored by the system may be logged. Software required for field engineering tools including graphical programming and applications will be left with the owner.


Warning limits for each point shall be entered for alarm and or maintenance purposes. Schedule editor shall support the view of affected zones when adding or editing timed events of a schedule. Provide one native BACnet application controller for each VAV box that adequately covers objects listed in object list for unit.

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Modules shall be selected to fit the particular project application. Include wiring for sensor and field service tool. No used components shall be used as any part or piece of installed system.

Provide on-site training above as required, up to 16 hours as part of this contract. Samples may be viewed at the operator’s workstation.


The Web page host shall be able to support on average 50 simultaneous users with the ability to expand the system to accommodate an unlimited number of users. Billing notification type including, but not limited to printer, file and email. User shall access Web page host through the network and shall initiate a Web page alrton utility that automatically takes the BAS displays and turns them into Web pages. The Building Automation System BAS system shall be designed, installed, commissioned, and serviced by manufacturer authorized aerton trained personnel.


Selection of the trendlog using this method shall allow the viewing of the trendlog view or launch the Alertonn wizard to allow the creation of a new trend. Selection of the trendlog using this method shall allow the viewing of the trendlog view. Printout of alarms shall be aledton to the assigned network printer.

Stored records shall be appended with new sample data, allowing records to be accumulated. Our clients appreciate knowing there is someone there to help throughout planning, installation and beyond.

Provide system operator’s training to include but not be limited to such items as the following: Controller shall also include binary outputs on board. A user activity report shall aalerton any and activity of the users who have logged in to the system, regardless of whether those changes were made using a browser or through the BAS workstation.

The software program implementing these strategies shall be completely flexible and user-definable. Field service mode shall allow a technician to balance VAV zones and access any parameter in zone controller alertoh from the room sensor.