Removed the Chinese, the market, the cards were removed, the flash player was updated, the YouTube Sway here. Counting down from the top right hand corner you want to located the number 5 and 6 pins. I can only flash if I use the rescue SD card method. There is a new method though where you create a SD rescue card and then bridge two different pins on the nand chip like you would for a deep brick. This will often solve the first of the two errors. I updated the two first original posts with new info.

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If you connect to the device via adb shell you immediately have superuser rights! I can see green android!!

Buttons do not let go! No, create afb account now. You might want to click on the name next to the image you just loaded and name it something you can remember in case you ever need to use it again.

Note though that it is not recognised by the PC unless it is also plugged abd an AC power source, though I am putting this down to flat battery and an inability to charge.

You can remove the thumbtack and you should follow the “hard” brick instructions.

Ainol Novo 10 Hero II – All Things Root Guide – Android Devices | Android Forums

To enter into the recovery 3. I thought about buying this Tab. I do not know your language code so you will have to look it up if you don’t know it. If I try to install any other versions I get an “installation aborted error” whether it is from the recovery on the tablet or if I put a recovery file on the external SD card.


Hold until the appearance of the recovery seconds. I do not observe a green bastard at all. The conclusion from all of the above: The custom bootloader will load a recovery image and give you ADB access.

You should leave the sd card in until it either reboots and starts flashing a second time or until it boots into the firmware.

HANNSpree HSG1279 root and recovery!!! [Updated 01/28/14]

Posted 22 May – I realize every time I short pin and power up. I have another non-brick Hero and that does appear as Novo10Hero.

After completion the Batch 3 Crystal will be converted to a Batch 2 Crystal sinol all Batch 2 Compatibility zips will work. Or if you have seriously messed up your partitions and all other methods do not work for you: The link to TWRP is dead. On another note, I’ve updated the Hero mediafire link with a rescue image and two zip files, one with all the sd rescue files for and another for Mar 31, You should see your device listed as “M3 Chip” or “M6 Chip.

I have tried manually turning the device back on before it times out but it does not register in the software and the flash does not continue. Just bought this tablet on Cybermonday for a really good price, but can’t find a way to root it for the life of me Open the contents of the flash drive on the computer and delete the Fire firmware file zip about Mb in size and copy it to it with the replacement files NovoHero If that still does not work, when you see the normal green Android logo, continue to hold down the buttons.


But the recovery is also able to restore backups from the internal sdcard. You must bero Administrator Privileges on your computer and run the software as an Administrator.

[HOW TO] Unbrick Ainol Crystal | Android Tablet Forum

Main problem has been I can’t see it using ADB v1. Check to make sure your SD card was re-sized to around MB instead of it’s full capacity. With my Batch 3 unbricking method, the chengnen. Button Reset Is in the hole for MicrophoneAnd not in the headphones!

But I think this is one of the “great features” of the new android versions