Changing the volume control does not change the surround and so you must use the volume control on the menu bar instead of on the media player. Thanks so much for this step by step. Everything was going perfectly until I reassembled the laptop. Thanks for this manual! I was wondering if you do have to replace the cooling fan or can you just clean it and put it back in? I have the aspire ati x, the shape and model looks identical to the aspire

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I know for sure that the Video Cable is plugged in and so are both of the Wifi card cables that are connected to the screen. My acer was heating up frequently and I used your instructions to open it up and clean the heat sink.

Did you remove memory modules? For bits of blazing WiFi glory, use this:. Edit to my last comment. Thanks for this lesson, I hope to get another 5 years out of this old laptop!

How to disassemble Acer Aspire – Inside my laptop

This brings 36684 the volume control. This connects the volume slider to the surround control. I recommend Arctic Silver 5 thermal grease — a little expensive but the best stuff out there! It took me 1 and half hours, but my laptop finally work great!!!


Acer Aspire NWXCi Review |

The 36684 comes pre-loaded with Linpus Linux, which has a command-line interface… thankfully, Acer does bundle Windows XP and Vista drivers alongside just in case you feel like installing an original copy of Windows.

Had the same problem with random instant shotdowns.

Rocco, Can you replace or upgrade the video or graphics card on an Acer Aspire so it will work with Windows 7?

In the Volume control preferences. How do I get it off? It seemed to not work for anyone other than me.

Just an off note. If you’re using WEP, try putting your key in “double quotes”.

Installing Ubuntu on Acer Aspire 3684WXMi

You can check this using the following command: If you have any ideas of about what the problem may be please respond as soon as you can. It boasts built-in WPA support and has been successful where other network connection manager programs have failed. And how many pins does it have like 12 or 16?

Does anybody know what is written on the left cable, shown in step 12? Today, I cleaned my cooling module step by step as you described. Remove four screws securing the hard drive assembly. If you appreciate my work and find this information useful, please support this site.


Acer Aspire 3684NWXCi Review

Can you get video on the external monitor? Thanks for all of the help and photos…. It also has been incorrectly labeled as an ARX device, in some cases. This laptop is operating under Kernel version 2. I had ubuntu installed and now it looks perfect.

I have removed the fan from an acer C I’m no closer to having my wireless working than I was when I first installed my OS.

Thanks for the awesome guidelines! Found it acet another site.

Can you replace or upgrade the video or graphics card on an Acer Aspire so it will work with Windows 7?