Driver files are usually supplied either as an installation file or a compressed archive. Shortly after, the more mainstream oriented iPE chipset was released, codenamed Springdale. Let’s get on to testing, shall we? The IC7 holds a slight lead over the IS7. Other than that, performance trends are in line with those found in SiSoft, so maybe it’s time to checkout some real world benchmarks.

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The latter two nets the largest performance gains, but toughest to implement if your ram cannot handle it. We would also like to finish testing the ASUS P4P to see which of these boards, if either, are worthy of our Editor’s Choice award when the time comes around to 1.7 it out.

Abit IS7/IS7-G/IS7-E BIOS Driver Download for MS-Dos

Mushkin calls this board problematic and attributes the memory problems to forced implementation of PAT that is not normally present in The same goes for the IC As enthusiasts know, the Front Side Bus is what really determines the overall system performance. Today, we’ll be doing the CPU tests. Therefore more than tweleve hours of benchmarking went into the SYSMark scores alone. Home Site map Contact Us Search: Now it won’t run more than an hour without BSOD. Shortly after, the more mainstream oriented iPE chipset was released, codenamed Springdale.

I managed to take a screenshot, and save it, but a few minutes later, the system locked up. This is a synthetic benchmark though, and since I know all of you enjoy a game or two, let’s see how the sound will affect UT performance.


Abit IS7 BIOS Download and Update for

Tests will be done with the same hardware configuration as the rest of the benchmarks, except we’ll only be displaying the Pentium 4 2. We ran ix7/is7-g/is7-e benchmark at least three is7is7-g/is7-e and took the average of the runs to get the data for the above chart.

There are clamps used to hold the heatsink down, which makes swapping it, or reapplying thermal paste, an easy task since you won’t need to remove the motherboard as you would if there were push pins. There is also some discussion about sound quality issues, but I have not experienced those myself.

The CPU socket is setup in a more traditional manner that we’re used to seeing on Pentium 4 boards, with the key facing to the right as pictured of the motherboard. There’s enough clearance for most heatsinks, and the capacitors don’t get in the way when installing the retail heatsink clips. The Athlon XP was a processor for the enthusiasts, but now that the Pentium 4 “C” has arrived with a fast relatively cheap chipset Springdale I see more and more people jumping over on the Intel bandwagon as a result of these new Intel product lines.

Targeted at the mainstream user, you’d think that iPE motherboards wouldn’t appeal to the enthusiast. December 11th, There’s been a lot of discussions, reviews and benchmarks done, and although the PAT is a nice feature, the performance gains may or may not be something you’ll be able to justify as a must have, considering the price difference. There are only a few negative things worth pointing out about the PRO We’ve covered the importance of the Game Accelerator recentlyand let me just say it is very much worth your while to download it and update your board.


Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. UTMinimum Detail, x Resolution. What’s nice about this sticker is you can just place it on the interior of the case, and you no longer have to rummage through your manual to figure out how to connect your case cabling. The feature set of the board is excellent.

I will also be presenting pre-Game Accelerator benchmarks for both motherboards to illustrate the improvements a simple BIOS update ablt make. CPU utilization is 0.

Abit IS7-E Bios Driver – TechSpot

I’ll let the IS7’s numbers speak for themselves, though, if the extra cash for the Canterwood is worth it. Jedi Knight 2, x In the begining it like once a week maybe. The IS7 is simply is7/us7-g/is7-e best overall package for the P4 we’ve tested in quite some time.

The price is right also, although I should point out that this is a fully loaded IS7.

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