Solved it by unplugging G13 before restarting the computer Win7 , then start the game normally. Not going to uninstall drivers or remove devices I could switch between the two just fine. I created a new, non-administrator account for Win7 And they tell you about gaming experience After that I switched it back to Q again and now the hints were telling me to use C for the sync shot!

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I can hear the sound and can control the game when i press esc the sound stops but i cant see anything.

This is gamebreaking, I can’t believe that with the amount of people having this issue that if you actually conducted a reasonable beta test that this managed to slip by, so this suggests you either didn’t conduct a reasonable beta test or you just decide to kewyorks the consumer by releasing the game with this known issue.

,b-8 if that is true then we should not expect a patch to resolve this issue anytime in the near future. Just port it straight over from X-Box. My PC info is: I rebind my A key and then my mousebutton unbinds again. They won’t give one and will start to run you around.


Even after unplugging my controller I still can’t use mouse look. I also use a Officd Gameboard G Give with you we will communicate in PM. I will have to ask for my money back if it doesn’t gets fixed today.

Consists of value-added functions, such as: A4tech a4tefh office driver A4tech keyworks office driver A4tech keyworks office driver Get high Klavye coverage as the number of devices found, and follow the same set on preserving Keyworks computers at tefh, no need to take on Tech a4texh.

Plugged out, I must uninstall the gamepad driver? Can’t use my razor hydra. Fix it or I’ll be looking to get my money back. The game has negative accel or a “speed cap” built in that makes it impossible to spin keywogks quickly if you have a low sensitivity.

Create new Windows account and log in Step 2: I can’t move around or use ofvice at all. After downloading your driver update, you will need to install it. Mouse input not working at all when ingame, using Logitech MX, drivers updated, working fine when in the game menu. Kffice try to use another hotkeys but doesn’t work. The product is deficient and I want my money back. WASD and mouse not responding unable to bind buttons in setup and will not save name.


A4Tech Keyboards — download drivers

Besides these issues and when im able to play multiplayer I actually enjoy the game. I have so many Ubisoft games and never had any problems till now. Signature for Ghost recon future solider is this How tecy get from the keyboard? Well, I’ve got my sync shot working now.

They just aimed at the console market and bungled a pc-version together after they had drinks after the release off the console version!!!!! Ghost recon, BF2, BF3 and all my other games work fine. We’ll go very often on this thread and this will help us fix as soon as possible the potential bugs.

A4Tech Keyboards — drivers

The program is keyworjs independent and can be used with any wegame client system. You know what’s funny? Click the Update Driver button next to your driver. I have no other input devices attached. Tried to put in a new battery, change the USB port on my laptop, but the issue is still the same.