Because the card used more power than the AGP specification allowed for, a special power supply called Voodoo Volts had to be included with it. The VSA chips used still did not have a long life expectancy, and may have had problems running anti-aliasing. Similarly, the Voodoo4 is not being launched at this time because 3dfx would rather divert the available VSA chips to the higher margin Voodoo5 This page was last edited on 17 November , at The name of the chip is an abbreviation for “Voodoo Scalable Architecture.

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Could have, would have, should have doesn’t matter for today. Most of the known cards are revision A from week 37, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The VSA supports a hardware accumulation buffer, known as the “T-buffer”.

3dfx Voodoo 5 5500 PCI

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Compared to the single-chip GeForce and Radeon cards, a Voodoo5 is burdened with much redundancy and a complicated board.

Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. In terms of features, 3dfx wouldn’t be hurting nearly as bad as they would be the only one with a reasonable FSAA implementation since the GeForce is 3dfz not powerful enough to perform FSAA at playable 5050 rates in most games. However, our sources tell us that the components that are in short supply are the VSA chips themselves, which makes sense given the situation at hand.


Cards from this revision varied in stability from dead to fully functional. All members of the family were based upon the VSA graphics processor.

3dfx Voodoo 5 AGP | eBay

This was an early alpha of the card primarily used for photos and testing purposes. Unfortunately the production 3dvx of the Voodoo5 would have likely hampered its competitiveness from a profitability standpoint.

Log in Don’t have an account? We all expected a fill rate monster out of 3dfx and the products they announced based on the VSA managed to fulfill every last one of our expectations. Little is known about this series except that this is the final revision. Of course, that was almost nine months ago and things have changed quite a bit since then.

The limitation of px x px maximum texture dimensions was also addressed and VSA can use up to px x px textures. It was meant to be the retail unit, but shortly after the run of 10 were produced, the series was cancelled.

Memory is clocked synchronously with the VSA chip. The 3vfx financial situation of 3dfx was another factor contributing to the ‘s demise. Views Read Edit View history. Theoretically, anywhere from 1 to 32 VSA GPUs could be run in parallel on a single graphics card, and the fillrate of the card would increase proportionally. When rendering to the T-buffer, VSA can store the combined outputs of several frames.


The Test – 3dfx Voodoo 5 PCI

This would have been an external device that would connect to an AC outlet. These cards generally had a short life expectancy, and were largely incompatible with various motherboards at the time.

Voodoo5 ReviewFiringsquad, Retrieved from ” https: The chip has a larger texture cache than its predecessors and the data paths are bits wide rather than bit. It wasn’t too long ago that NVIDIA was proclaiming bit color as the next key feature for 3D accelerators, while 3dfx kept insisting that speed was king. Rendering calculations are bits wide in VSA but the operands and results are stored as bit.

Because the card used more power than the AGP specification allowed for, a special power supply called Voodoo Volts had to be included with it. The Voodoo5originally scheduled to be released shortly after the model, has been delayed yet again with a new release date of summer The key is 3dfx’s T-Buffer, named for its creator Gary Tarolli, that provides a number of special effects, including FSAA, motion blur, depth of 3dx, and soft shadows.

Times have certainly changed 55000 there’s no doubt about that.