I hope someone will have an idea! The unique design of the A com-bines a low-profile instrument with the benefits of a color graphical display. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you need more details, or if I was not clear. IntuiLink pro-vides the tools to easily create, down-load, and manage waveforms for your Agilent A. I couldn’t create a waveform directly to non-volatile memory.

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So I didn’t solve my problem, still have the error with my Agilent a, but changing it to a new one made my life easier. I couldn’t create a waveform directly to non-volatile memory. Message 2 of 3.

Keysight Agilent A Waveform Generator,80MHz | Transcat

Most Active Software Boards: For example, if I send a sinusoid with frequency of 1 to 7 kHz, that lasts 3 ms and with agilenr, points it’s fine. My drivers in the snippet are for the model and not compatible with the But here is what I remember getting it to work correctly.

Why settle for a basic function generator when you can get arbitrary wave-forms at no extra cost? I hope someone will have an idea! Something might go wrong when converting the data array into binary block chain, but I don’t understand what. Sgilent 3 of 3. The Agilent A can generate simple pulses up to 50 MHz.


Agilent 33250A Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator Instrument Driver

Linear or logarithmic sweeps can be performed with a programmable frequency marker signal. Now you can display multiple wave-form parameters at the same qgilent. Message 1 of 3. Looking at your manual, my A seems to be very similar to your ARB just newer. What you mentionned is interesting but can’t be my problem as I’m already saving the arbitrary waveform into the non-volatile memory.

The weird part is that this doesn’t happen all the 32350 but depends on the parameters I’m using for the signal.

I didn’t find any logical rule Connectivity Standard IntuiLink Software included. I also have many more points available per waveform. But for those frequencies, if I change the number of points, it may work sometimes.

Agilent A Arbitrary Function 80mhz Waveform Generator | eBay

Invalid character”, agileht also sometimes by “error I’m thus seeking for help. Once my signal is created, I send it to the Agilent as an arbitrary waveform that is bursted once.


Standard External lock range: Timing parameters can be entered in hertz Hz or seconds. Hopefully your drivers have similar VIs. I also give the different subVIs that are used to configure the Agilent.

With variable edge time, pulse width and voltage level, the Agilent A is ideally suited to a wide variety of pulse applications. View Cart My Account.

Try it and see if it helps. I had to download it first to volatile memory then transfer it to non-volatile.

33250A Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator, 80 MHz

The easiest way was to use the Clear Arbitrary Memory. The signal generation is OK.

I’m guessing that this issue is a format issue. But I have troubles with the downloading of the waveform: