It enables launch of any number of software instances in the 1C: Installation Initialization Pressing the Install button begins the actual installation process: This allows operation of one user who connected to the terminal session with the “0” identifier only. Synology DiskStation came to be of great importance to software developers and industry players because of its mature and sophisticated platform and leading market share. If HASP License Manager is installed as a Windows service, the executable files will be located in the Windows system directory, and only the help file will be installed in the selected folder. Single-user Software License This allows you to launch any number of system instances in the 1C:

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To install a new version, a new installation instance in the Group Policies should be created. Once you click the Finish button, the installation will be completed.


Enterprise server or the web server for the file infobase installed, the following can be launched: Install a server of 1f required bit set and activate the license for the server computer from any network computer with a thick client installed. When this arrangement is used, the key can be located both on the computer with a web server extension module or the 1C: Recommendations on activating the 1C: In this case, in order to complete the license activation you must restore the computer configuration existing at the time the license query file was created: This key should be generated following the instructions in the Kerberos authentication setup see page The number of concurrently running client applications is determined by the nominal value of the license.


Can this be used to check if a dongle key is working or not? Enterprise Server 1 If 1C: Enterprise versions on a single computer, select the components to install and choose a version of 1C: Change topic type Cancel. Select English language for the installer see fig.


Rights for the directory created are assigned as follows:. To select a component, click an icon to the left of the component name or press the Spacebar. The gasp information is provided for installation packages for the bit RPM version.

In order to install the 1C: NOTE When the system verifies whether software license parameters match current computer details under Linux OS, it does not analyze the name and version of the operating system.

Depending on the client type and location of the dongle containing the client licenses local or network locationmultiple jasp to licenses counting are available.

Enterprise, installation of 1C: To change this directory, run the installer setup. At server start When a client application connects to the 1C: Pressing the Install button begins the actual installation process: Determines the location to save haspaddr.


Licenses supplied with the HASP keys and software license files may be combined and used concurrently. Additional components that are required to administer the 1C: If this installation variant is used, it will be impossible to develop configurations. In this case you will only need to restart the web server and the module will be connected.

You may also need to possess the local or network administrator rights.

If one chooses to install the server as a service, you will need to specify the password for the user selected because otherwise the installer will be unable to launch the server. If a multi-user license is activated first, it is considered that a multi-user license has been selected for your work, and thus further activation of the single-user licenses becomes impossible.

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A dedicated wizard carries out the installation procedure. However, unlike with a hardware licence, you cannot simply remove a USB key from one computer and install it on another machine.

After that the data storage device may be disconnected.