Yeah nHancer is indeed a good tool.. Think I found the version I’m looking for now I could always take a look: Again thanks for the help.. Comments and User Reviews. Posted September 30,

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ForceWare Release

He suggested to use nHancer http: Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Does anybody know which drivers give the best performance in OpenGL games? I am wondering if this file contains actual driver variables, if it does, I am wondering if older code might still be active within newer drivers. By mac87September 29, in General overclocking. No, the recent hack says that the system has X58 installed with the required activation key.

I’m currently running the No trouble forcing FSAA anymore But since the X58 key feature was implemented in new drivers, the hack will work only with them. Sign In Sign Up.


You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Also NVIDIA has hinted that it will be removed in a future driver release, however not wich version it will be removed. All nHancer alters is the nvapps.

Nvidia releases beta ForceWare drivers

It doesn’t make the system you have NV chipset. So probably you’ve seen The reason for this curosity is because of lack of 8bit texture support, if nvapps.

Go To Topic Listing General overclocking. I’m thinking of going back to some older drivers.

8 ball kneights…

Think I found the version I’m looking for now Drivers have a check in order not to work on systems not certified for SLI. NVIDIA ForceWare driver software unleashes the full power and features in NVIDIA’s desktop, gaming, platform, workstation, laptop, multimedia, and mobile products, all being installed on your PC in a single package that can cater the needs of both ordinary users who are demanding good multimedia support, heavy gamers who are seeking rendering performance and professionals who value tolls and stability.


Forcing AA would activate the sentinel, telling me power was insufficient, although I knew it was not. General overclocking Search In.

Posted September 29, edited.

Nwer drivers seem to be slower. Sign in Already have an account? Already have an account? Comments and User Reviews.

So if you have any problems, give this a try Activate SLI on nvidia I know it’s possible as seen on hwbot screenshots Edited September 29, by mac It’s annoying that they now default to Series 9 cards even though they haven’t released a decent one yet: No worries, found it in nVidia’s archive.

As you can see, I have some pretty old drivers, if you ever need drivers this old, let me know Posted September 29, So the drivers added support and then there was a hack to make any system to behave as X I could always take a look: